Jeffry Campbell's show-stopping shoe styles have been leading the way in the form of out-there, playful and directional footwear shapes for some time now, so it comes as no surprise that there are a fair few copies surfacing trying to cash in on their trademark styles. Whilst this is old news when it comes to their Lita boot shape which has more copies than bare thinking about, it seems their heel-less Vicious shape is inspiring designs high street wide too.

High Street vs. Designer Jeffrey Campbell's jpg

[left] Jeffrey Campbell Vicious Neoprene with Silver Spikes £160 >>

[right] Tribeca Shoes Sasha Sculpted Wedge Spike Sandals £28 >>

The Lady Gaga style footwear, which comes complete with heel-less platform (has anyone found out if these styles are actually walk-able? Perhaps we should add this to our to-do list), neon pink contrast, scary looking spikes and much needed ankle strap for support / so you don't break your neck, there's no denying they're a real stand out footwear choice. The copies, which are from online shoe boutique Tribeca Shoes, are a pretty good match with the only visible difference being flat studs on the side of the platform opposed to the spikey ones (perhaps they were airing on the side of caution).

If you fancy bagging yourself a bargain, head over to Tribeca Shoes where you can snap to look-a-likes up for £28 or if you think it's worth investing, check out the real thing over at Oxygen Boutique.