hilary-duff-2012.jpgIn one of those ubiquitous parking-lot shots, Hilary Duff was recently seen looking cool and casual in her leggings and t-shirt, a pair of tangerine Nike Free Running shoes on her feet. The ultra lightweight trainers, which mimic the sensation of barefoot running, have been a bit of a hit here at Shoewawa HQ for a while, so it's good to see that celebrities are getting in on the action. And with all that working out they do, you'd expect Hollywood's A-listers to know a thing or two about suitable sporting footwear!

Now available in a variety of tasty looking colours and patterns, the trainers are a bit of a revolution in sportswear, and retail direct from Nike at £80. Hilary's pair are pretty awesome, but we particularly love the three newly-released shades pictured above: bubblegum blue, dark pink and sherbert lemon yellow are all perfect eye-popping shades for the season, and we want them to brighten up our gym going look right now!