Jessie J closing ceremony shoes.jpgJessie J had some very big shoes to fill when she stepped into those of Freddie Mercury at the Olympic Closing Ceremony last night, but she certainly rose to the challenge - with 'rise' being the operative word in her white velcro heels. Let's not forget that only a year ago, the singer had lamented that she may never wear heels again following her leg injury, so we're delighted to see she's heeled so well.

The shoes themselves - which we have yet to identify - caused controversy on Twitter, where some followers loved them, while others labelled them "hideous" in the usual way. We thought the haters needed to go easy on Jessie, who was dancing incredibly well in heels - difficult enough to pull off even without a recent injury. And we didn't think they looked bad, either! The wide straps gave them edge, while the heels looked like classic tango dancing shoes.

White shoes were perhaps an interesting choice in an outfit that was otherwise all golds and nude tones (the Vivienne Westwood catsuit was clearly the main event here) but the shoes were understated enough to fit in with the overall look. If you think you know who designed them, please let us know!

[Image: GETTY]