We all know that 19 year old pop star Miley Cyrus has been trying to step outside of her squeaky clean Disney teen box lately, so we weren't all that surprised when she posted a few pictures from her Twitter account showing her go for the chop with a brand new undercut hairdo (check it out over at kissandmakeup.tv) . The Hannah Montana star has also been channelling a healthy does of rebellious attitude with her footwear selections this week too; yes, Dr. Martens.

Miley Cyrus Dr Martens.jpg

The classic shoe choice for rebels without a cause, Miley Cyrus is going all punk on us with her repeat wears of the practical, yet statement making footwear. On consecutive days, Miley posted images on her twitter account wearing two shades of the 8 eyelet lace up patent boot. What do you make of her new look?

If you want to channel some of Miley's new style (despite her critics, we actually think she's looking pretty good at the moment), you're in luck. Miley's Dr Marten boots are available over at Office in both of her favoured shades. Shop them below.

Dr. Martens Purple.jpg

Dr. Martens 8 eyelet lace up purple patent boot £90 >>

Dr. Martens Black.jpg

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