balenciaga lace shoe.jpg

I have to admit that I've never really got on with shoes composed primarily of laces. Take this new style from Balenciaga as an example: it's impossible to take a good photo of them for a start, and I can't help thinking that the overall look created by the laces is a Not an ideal quality for a designer shoe priced at more than five hundred pounds.

Despite this, the Matches website describes the shoes as a 'must have' for A/W 2012, and I can see how they'll look cool as part of the black and white fashion obsession we're all about to encounter. But given the choice between this style and a timeless classic, I'd honestly have to pass. Of course, Ms. Shoewawa has been wrong before and is sure to be wrong again, so if you think I'm coming down a little too harshly with my 'meh' attitude vis-a-vis these shoes, please let me know what it is you like about them. I'd dearly love to know!