chrissie morris star shoes.jpgWe're wishing on a star here at Shoewawa today - a star that's stuck to the front of these beautiful shoes by Chrissie Morris to be precise! They're like the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the form of a shoe, and we need it in our lives - now! This innovative designer never ceases to amaze with her distinctive pieces, and once again she's got us wishing for a small lottery win to help us furnish our wardrobes with her beautiful wares.

This particular piece is called 'Ursula', and we love the layering of black on black with a hint of gold piping to give it a sophisticated, Art Deco appeal. The star embellishment stands out from the rest of the shoe thanks to stingray panelling that contrasts with the slicker black patent leather of the rest of the shoe. What a stunning piece of footwear engineering!

If you're feeling minted, they are £605 at Matches Fashion