Here we go...again! After what was quite possibly the most disappointing British summer in history and a brief, sunny reprieve - we're back to business as usual: torrential, persistent rain. It isn't especially good for footwear, and it's even worse for morale if you have to trudge to work in unsightly rain boots ever day. How can we fix this one?

Happily plenty of designers have got in on the act, creating wellies that aren't only wearable, they're downright desirable. Click each boot for a bit more info on who made it, where to buy it and for how much.

Our particular favourites from this set include Matthew Williamson's colourful and charming 'peacock' welly for Havaianas, as well as a surprise entry: the triple-buckled 'posh' welly we chanced upon on eBay. Great for this season's hard-edged style!