teddy shoes.jpg


Cat face shoes appear to be breeding prolifically on the high street at the moment, so it was good to see Shelly's buck the trend with a new variant on the cuddly, animal-featured footwear. They've gone for a 'teddy' styled shoe (although it looks a little more like a mouse to us!) and have even given it a little tail for maximum cuteness. The shoe is made from real suede, and you can buy it at New Look for £74.99.

What's great about this shoe is that it takes once of the season's key silhouettes: chunky-heeled platform shoes with a 1970s vibe, and makes it just that little bit more fun. Best of all it has googly eyes, which we love to see on a shoe ever since Christian Louboutin got a bit carried away in the craft cupboard! Wear these with your thick tights and knee length skirts to ensure teddy gets a good view of the world.