ugly shoe of the week.jpgUgly shoes are harder to spot in these days of avant garde footwear craziness: camouflaged within a jungle of odd designs we love, they sometimes go un-noticed. But trust me, they are still there lurking just beneath the surface and ready to pounce on your style! Here's one we found while out on safari on the Isle of Yoox...

These venomous beasts are really something: they incorporate many of the good elements of current footwear trends, including studs, fringing, flatform soles and contrasting colour. But these perfectly benign qualities are arranged in such an unflattering manner that the resulting shoe is quite a monstrosity...does it really need ALL those studs, or quite so much green? We say nay, and we wish they'd crawl back off to their natural habitat (probably a swamp or a ditch, doncha think?)

If you actually like these creatures, you can spend £277 of your hard-earned cash on them here.

They're by Hego's Liverpool.