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If you've been paying attention over the past week or so you're sure to have noticed us getting a bit excited about the 'dalmatian' trend [1], which is cropping up all over our shoes and accessories. It's a look that's hard not to love, and it slips so easily into autumn/winter outfits, giving that extra little twist of style. So far, many of the dalmatian kicks we've seen have been at the more high-end side of the scale, but now we're seeing some great high street pieces, too.

Take these cute dalmatian platforms from Odeon at Debenhams, for example: they epitomise the look in a style that's suitable for parties and dressed up nights out. These would look just amazing worn with opaque electric blue hosiery with a flash of red thrown into the mix, or a smart all-monochrome ensemble. And at just £30 we think they're an incredible buy.

[1] NB No dogs were harmed in the making of any of these shoes...