Christian Louboutin's shop window displays are like small art exhibitions in their own right, with a tremendous amount of creativity and design magic going into every new installation. The displays at the designer's Mount Street store in London have been getting more exciting every time, and we we thrilled to learn that a new window scene has been created for the boutique featuring X-Rays and introducing some never-seen-before pieces from the footwear and handbag collections.

The display features a group of 'dancing skeletons' made from genuine X-Rays taken in a London hospital. The skeletons are draped with jewellery pieces, all taken from collections by Holly Fulton and Michael Van Der Ham. They are dramatically lit by a series of strobes and pulsing, sequenced lights - including a vintage surgical lamp that Christian purchased himself, and has kept in his studio for many years.

louboutin window display`.jpg