kim kardashian shoes.jpg


We can imagine the likes of Kim Kardashian wearing these kicks (or, more likely, a vastly more expensive pair by Christian Louboutin) but we're less clear on whether we'd want them in our own wardrobes. Perhaps reserved for making an impact on a <i>very</i> dressed up occasion or - um - for shopping in stores where you can't reach the highest shelves?

We're clutching at straws here, but apparently this style is selling quite well over at Missguided, so somebody must love them. What sets the shoes apart from other platform styles apart from their excessive height is the interesting band of tiny studs all around the toe, and the multiple straps used, echoing the design touches of many major name labels at the moment. And also their price: they're yours for just £45.99 if you like 'em.

Where do you sit on this style? Let us know below...