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Christian Louboutin started a footwear storm when he first introduced us to the idea of shaggy, all-over fringed calf length boots a few seasons back, and ever since we picked our jaws up from off the floor and got used to the idea, the look has stuck around. You can still pick up a pair of the fringed boots for £1000 or so, but for those on a budget, we couldn't help noticing that this Yasmina style from Boohoo looks remarkably similar. It's also easy on the wallet at £45.

These boots really do the talking, so you won't need to worry too much about what else you wear with them! Either go super plain and let them steal the show or include them as part of a crazy boho look. The choice really is yours - but we think they look particularly awesome peeping out from under a smart winter coat with a matching scarlet beret. Ooh-la-la!