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If you're one of the many Shoewawa readers eager to snap up a pair of Red or Dead Miami heels - a long-discontinued style that has continued to tug on our heartstrings years after they disappeared from the shop shelves - then you might be pleased to learn that the brand has introduced a very similar style that's currently available at Schuh.

The new 'bling' high heel, pictured above, has a similar gold 'ankle chain' strap and peep toe - with a slight 2012 makeover in the form of a more substantial platform. Other than that, the style is extremely close to the original Miami, which could save you from doing an awful lot of digging around on eBay (where the style does occasionally surface in the odd individual size). It is also available in silver with a glitter dust finish.

If you were a big Red or Dead Miami fan and are itching to get your feet into this style again, 'Bling' is available for £75, and we think it should fill the gap in your wardrobe.