roger vivier ss2013.jpg

Roger Vivier was such a legend of footwear history that we always take an interest in what his eponymous label is doing in the shoe department during Fashion Week. The presentation for spring/summer 2013 did not disappoint us: in fact, it's only served to remind us of how much we love this label; a label that's steeped in tradition but adapts itself to current trends so well.

Arranged in a beautifully ornate Parisian salon, the shoes and accessories nestled among plants and foliage, almost like bright-coloured flowers blooming in a woodland. We loved the peony pinks used on some of the pieces in particular, and these slipper-style jewelled flats really stood out:

roger vivier slippers.jpg

Speaking of the Roger Vivier woman, the label said: "Borrowing desert shades from Kenyan women, her bags and shoes evoke sand dunes, spice and southern flora tones, saturated with pigment.  Her accessories are at one with her spirit, in affirmed graphic style or the pure sparkle of vibrant shades: purple, Bengal pink, turquoise, ultramarine, sand, gold..."

All these are certainly evident in the collection, which has a distinct, exotic boldness and strength of colour. The only exception was in the all-monochrome (practically compulsory for a S/S 2013 collection it seems!) range of classic Pilgrim pumps and toe-capped courts, pictued below left, which served as a stark reminder of Vivier's influence and contribution to a wealth of footwear icons.

roger vivier presentation paris.jpg[Images: Roger Vivier]