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It's the high street - but not as we know it. Schuh has decided to embrace the bizarre and is now stocking this mind-boggling 'Mojito' shoe created by Julian Hakes - a style that only a few short months ago was confined to sites like Pinterest and blogs about 'crazy shoes'. Back in 2009, when such things were virtually unheard-of, we even featured a Julian Hakes shoes as our 'weird shoe of the week'.

How times change. Clearly, there's now a market for another stage in statement-making footwear, as shoes without heels and towering Jeffrey Campbell platforms being to look positively tame! Thanks to trailblazers like Lady Gaga our concept of a 'shoe' has really widened, and we think it's great to see so much creativity and innovation of design. Would we wear it though? I think the jury's still out on that...but they're getting a strongly positive response over on the Schuh site - where one happy customer reported that she wore them to a wedding and her feet 'were photographed as often as the bride'. Now there's an accolade!

Priced at £155, the shoes are available in the blue/pink mix as pictured above as well as a red on gold style, available here. So what do you think - would you rock these?