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Got that weekend party spirit running through your veins? Not quite yet? There's nothing like a shiny new pair of shoes to put a spring in your step, so we've been searching for some fun new kicks to help ease us out of the working week. And this week it's Topshop's turn to *ahem* shine...we're homing in on their 'Gem' style for our party shoe of the week, and think they'd make the perfect pick-me-up buy,

Covered in small, sparkling blue elements, the shoes are £55 - a great price for a pair of real leather shoes that won't look tacky or destroy your feet. They've got a nicely balanced heel, pointed toe and a flattened-style bow that taps in to the current season's obsession with dainty, ladylike poise. We'd love to see these as part of a striking evening-wear look and think they'd go down a storm at cocktail hour. If only we all had a pair hidden under our desks!