taylor swift cat shoes.jpg

It was 'all white on the night' for baby country singer Taylor Swift, who rocked up at the Radio 1 Teen Awards in London yesterday wearing a cute vintage-style high necked dress and matching pearls. Later on, she ditched the ladylike look and opted for hot-pants - but we were most charmed by her choice of red carpet shoes: a pair of Charlotte Olympia kitty satin pumps in white to match her dress.

charlotte olympia kitty pumps.jpgCharlotte Olympia Kitty 110 Satin Pumps >>

The shoes worn by Taylor Swift were the white version of the satin 110 pumps, pictured above which retail at £620. We're more used to seeing the shoes in black, but just like real kitties these shoes come in many different colours - and the white shade is adorable with its gold stitched whiskers and nose and its cornflower blue eyes. 

If you'd like to be the cat that got the cream but don't want to pay Charlotte Olympia prices, there are quite a lot of copy cat styles to choose from with prices starting at just £18.

[Image: GETTY]