marc jacobs zip boots.jpg

Sometimes, our favourite designers just go out on a limb a little with a design feature and we're wondering if Marc Jacobs has taken a wrong turn with these triple-zippered ankle boots in his A/W 2012 collection. Or are the additional hardware features actually kind of cool? It's a tough shout, and we couldn't reach a consensus on these boots in the office, so we're putting the vote over to you.

What do you think of this design: is one zip more than enough, or do you like the effect created by multiple fastenings? We've seen this look done many times on items of clothing, so is it really all that out of place on a shoe? We're certainly sold on the stitched lettering (spelling out 'MJ') on the side of the boot, but perhaps the whole design would have been cleaner with a single zip.

If you're in team 'yay' and have a buck or two to spare, they are available to buy from Shopbop at £320.00.