Bottega Veneta is worshipped as a triumph of design over at The Bag Lady, so it's great to see that the artistry we've come to associate with the brand is evident in its footwear, too. The shoe collection is always worth investigating as it's home to a wealth of intriguing styles, currently including this bug-like but beautiful 'Calf Butterfly' sandal in olive and black leather:

bottega veneta shoes.jpg

Inspired by traditional gladiator styles but with a highly innovative twist, these heels are composed almost entirely of heels at the front, giving a minimalist first impression - but reveal an elaborate, naturalistic butterfly motif at the back.

While most designers focus on the insect's colourful wings, Bottega Veneta have taken a really interesting style decision here to feature a lifelike close-up of its face, complete with large black gemstones for eyes. The design cleverly incorporates an on-trend high backed heel panel for a truly unexpected finish.

bottega butterfly shoe.jpg

The shoes retail at £835 over at Bottega Veneta