christian louboutin pigalle .jpgWe see new 'it-shoes' cropping up on the Hollywood red carpets season after season, but one shoe style that has remained a firm favourite of celebrity A-Listers for as long as the Shoewawa team have been in business is Christian Louboutin's classic 'Pigalle' pump. A vertiginous stiletto heel holds up its sleek and streamlined form, proving once again that it's often the simple ideas that endure the longest - and we don't see this one going out of style any time soon.

Whether its worn in its original patent black or nude colourway, encrusted with spikes or made up in wild a leopard print pattern, the shoe retains its elegance and charm wherever it goes, and despite its extensive celebrity endorsement it's still one of Louboutin's least expensive styles retailing from about £416 ($625) at Saks Fifth Avenue. Its admirers include.

Check out our gallery to see just a few of the style's celebrity fans.