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This sporty-trim wedge style was a huge hit over the summer, and those who loved the look will be pleased to see that Faith has carried it over into the autumn/winter season. This is a handy style for anyone who likes to wear a lot of opaque legwear during the colder months - a great way to get several styles in one as you rotate different patterns and colours. Pop these on at the end, and you're ready to go - whichever colour combo you want to try.

What gives these a winter/party season edge and sets them aside from the similar styles we saw in the summer is the piping - which is gold rather than white. Priced at £50, they're a sound investment for the coming season and beyond; a solid style that looks smart without being stuffy. Whether you're a lover of the sport luxe look or prefer geometric 1920s glamour, these will work well in your wardrobe.