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Nay-sayers who thought a shoe that looked more like a corkscrew than footwear would "never sell on the highstreet" have been proven wrong this week: the Julian Hakes 'Mojito' shoe has already proven such a hit over at Schuh that it's been brought out in even more lovely colours - including the metallic silver and pink mix pictured above. Priced at £175, the extreme statement-making shoe is now also available in a white/orange and green/black colour way.

Fans of the Mojito shoe claim that key to the success is not only its innate oddness, but how surprisingly comfortable it is to wear. The shoes are perfectly balanced - just as you'd expect from a piece of footwear designed by an architect for whom getting these details just right is a matter of life and death. What's more, they look amazing worn with all sorts of looks, and we have to say that the on-site imagery does not do them justice.