kim kardashian kanye shoes.jpgI'm not even going to pretend to sit on the fence over this one: as far as I'm concerned, Kanye West's shoes suck - his first efforts made it into Ugly Shoe of the Week, and his latest attempt at footwear design has done nothing to change my opinion on the matter! If you're wondering who's modelling his latest jelly-like creations, that's none other than current squeeze Kim Kardashian, who tweeted the first picture of the shoes which are part of West's S/S 2012 collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti.

Kim describes the shoes as 'Sick!!!!!!!' and we have to wonder if she meant that in the non-street sense of the word. Where do we even start with these things? There's definitely something jelly-like about them, reminding us a little bit of seaside pound shops in summer - and on that note, if the last collection is anything to go by, they'll be wildly over-priced, too. Possibly to the tune of about £3k.

Someone out there must like this look. What's your verdict?