Thought heel-less shoes were a new trend? Here's some old fashion footage that will make you think again...we spotted this fantastic little graphic in a 1981 coffee table book called Shoes in Vogue earlier this week; an old tome dug out from our editor's archives. The image features a few clear examples of early shoes without heels - in this case, a style that dates back to 1959!

shoes without heels vogue.jpgLooks familiar? There's certainly little difference between the design of these old Delmanette shoes, which were handmade in Italy in 1959. Just like today's heel-less styles, the shoes had a metal extension of the sole, which supported the entire foot. But we couldn't help but be amused by the naivety of the text that appeared alongside this old photo, which reads: "needless to say, the idea did not catch on".

If only Probert could have seen thirty years into the future! 

alexander mcqueen 2013 catwalk.jpg