We all love a good biker boot, who doesn't? The ultra-comfortable yet stylish footwear choice is a go to style for us all, including it seems, the likes of Cheryl Cole. The Geordie lass, who is more regularly seen in her stilettos opposed to the more sensible footwear choice, launched the new style only yesterday.


BYKER GROOVE Leather biker boot £79.90 >>

The boots, which are available now at StylistPick.com for £79.90, features utility style sole, double buckle detail and faux fur lining. And as a nod to Chezza's northern heritage, they've named them Byker Groove (no, we're not too sure about this either).

Cheryl says, "These are my perfect everyday boots. When my feet need a rest from heels, I'll put these on".

Fancy them? Check them out over at StylistPick.com here >>