anne hathaway les miserables.jpg

Anne Hathaway certainly knows how to raise eyebrows when it comes to red carpet style, but we're not sure about this latest footwear 'feat'! She wore these decidedly unusual shoe/boots to the Les Miserables premiere last night, and nobody seemed entirely sure what to say...

Gladiators were (note the use of the past tense) a style we were glad to see the back of two summers ago, but Ms. Hathaway seems intent on a premature revival with these interesting 'bodnage-style' Roman sandals. Like her dress, which certainly suits her dark and Gothic look, the shoes are made by Tom Ford, specifically crafted in a non-leather material for her vegan feet. 

But do you like the look of them? Let us know whether you think Anne Hathaway has really put her foot in it this time in the poll below!