As celebrity endorsements go, they don't get much more glowing than Beyonce Knowles' recent video tribute to footwear designer Stuart Weitzman. In the one minute clip, the star virtually presents Weitzman with a 'lifetime achievement award' for his shoes, and speaks of her admiration for his heels in particular - emphasising the comfort of the stiletto styles she not only walks in but dances in on stage...

beyonce-jay-z-2012.jpgBeyonce loves her skyscarper heels - and so, it seems, does hubby Jay-Z! [Image: GETTY]

'My performances can last more than two hours sometimes, so I need comfort as well as style' says Beyonce, who has kept Weitzman as her go-to shoe designer over many years of touring, adding that she has 'literally danced a thousand miles in his shoes'. The tribute was filmed as Bey could not personally make the Footwear News' Lifetime Achievement Award event, which was held last week at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

We're sure that Weitzman will have been as honoured by the video as he would have been had the star been there in person. Watch the clip in full, as shown to the footwear industry delegates in the clip below: