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OK, so not many of us can afford to blow £600+ on a pair of novelty heels that will lose their appeal one minute after midnight on December 26th, but just imagine if we could.That's the view I'm taking on this delightfully festive pair of 'Dolly' heels that Charlotte Olympia has created just in time for Christmas - and I'm sure there'll be someone out there who can be the envy of all their guests by rocking these babies around the Christmas tree.

The bell decoration can, of course, be removed along with the decorations in the new year, leaving the proud owner with a stunning pair of plush red velvet heels with contrasting sunny gold soles and a bit of magic in every step. These shoes would look just incredible teamed with matching accessories and a little black dress at any time of year. 

And if that's not enough crazy festive shoe-loving for one frosty Friday...just feast your eyes on this!

christmas pudding shoes.jpg

Charlotte Olympia, you are killing us with Christmas kisses!