dan sullivan shoes.jpg


This is a festive shoe with a difference! Instead of focusing on the usual holly hocks and Christmas puddings, Irregular Choice designer Dan Sullivan has focused on one particlar long-suffering star of the nativity: the camel. The ship of the dessert has been gloriously rendered in footwear form, radiating all of Sullivan's trademark quirky style.

In fact, this shoe pretty much bypasses 'quirky' and ends up at 'bonkers' - but in a good way of course.The camel has a cutesy, My Little Pony-like face, lilac fur and a lovely fuchsia-coloured tassel, which matches up nicely with the shoe's pink-themed Aztec pattern.

Since these are from Sullivan's limited-run signature line they are little more expensive than what you'd normally expect to pay at Irregular Choice (they are £199), but what makes them so much better than most 'festive' shoes is that they're not too Christmassy - and would make an awesome summer style!