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I can't remember a Christmas in recent years when I didn't get hugely excited about an Irregular Choice shoe some time before the big day! There is just something so festive and celebratory about the designs, which so often seem to transport us out of every day life and bring us into a world of magic in footwear form...

This year, I'm swooning over this purple and gold style, which taps into the trend for brocade and opulence, without losing anything in allegiance to its kooky credentials. In fact, this is one of many versions of the brand's classic 'Courtesan' court shoe style, which is among its most popular sellers.

Check it out from the back!

purple brocade shoe.jpg

...definitely one to try and snap up before Christmas, huh? As ever, the price is pretty reasonable too: they are £75 (with free delivery) exclusively at Schuh.