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Like many women of a certain age I fondly remember wearing my 'cherry red Doccers' to school, and how this little act of rebellion (we had a uniform, it was black or blue shoes only) marked me out as a bit of an 'indie kid' at the time. But decades later it's Hollywood stars who are sporting the look - and the latest to embrace nineties grunge would appear to be Kristen Stewart.

The Twilight star (who has been causing no small amount of shock and awe with her outfit choices elsewhere today) stepped out in New York City in the classic ankle boots en route to the studio of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night. During the interview that was later broadcast, Kristen talked about her insecurities over filming her first 'serious' movie, On The Road. Normally reserved, the film required her to lose her inhibitions a little, particularly during one particular 'dancing' scene. 

She looked relaxed enough as she entered the studio, however, wearing the iconic boots over bare legs. If you'd like to get Kristens grungy look, the same boots are currently available at Soletrader for £89.99: 

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