Like Christmas, London Fashion Week always seems to come round a bit quicker every year and we're already seeing the beginnings of the February event cropping up on the internet. Today, Hilary Alexander tweeted this promotional image for the event that we can only approve of: it's a 'Shoe Tree' designed by Manolo Blahnik, who recently received an 'outstanding achievement' award from the British Fashion Council:

london fashion week 2013.jpg

Manolo Blahnik (now CBE) was provided with an open brief and invited to bring the concept from his world to be the backdrop of London Fashion Week. Inspired by his personal career, the illustration sets the scene of Manolo with key industry figures who have been a special influence on his work.

We're also starting to hear whisperings of who will exhibit at the event including L'Wren Scott - Paris-based designer and girlfriend of Mick Jagger - who will be showing her collection in London for the first time.