As fashion season prepares to engulf London once again in February, we're whetting our appetites for all things extravagant and fashionably flamboyant at Haute Couture Fashion Week, which kicked off today in the epicentre of style, Paris. Always a hot ticket, the Dior show was the biggest highlight of the event today, and we were mesmerised by the shoes: strappy creations twisted around the models' feet in a variety of finishes - including a high-shine metallic:


The shoes, which had a wrap-around diagonal form reminded us a little of the Julian Hakes 'Mojito' shoe and picked up coloured accents in the garments: we love the way this glossy green echoes the green tips on the flower-like strands that embellish this sugar pink dress. Like so many of spring/summer 2013 footwear the shoes combine a sharply pointed toe with metallic tones and a high-backed heel connected to a slimline ankle strap.   

Elsewhere, this sheer organza dress with its elaborate floral applique is accompanied by the same 'twisted' shoe design in a sunny gold metallic hue:

dior-haute-couture-shoes.jpgAgain, the gorgeous colours work in perfect harmony to enhance the overall visual attack of the look - one we can certainly see being a huge influence for the high street in coming seasons, with sheer, shimmery fabric and colourful embellishments that grab the attention.

[Images: GETTY]