Dolce & Gabbana have made big, colourful embroidered patterns a hot trend recently, and with their bright and bold Sicilian folk inspired spring/summer 2013 collection touching down now, the look is set to continue right through the coming season. If you can't afford the real deal there are plenty of cheaper alternatives out there and we love these colourful knee-length boots available now at Modcloth:
dolce style boot.jpg


The so-called 'Out for Adventure' boot bears all the hallmarks of Dolce's black and primary coloured clothes, shoes and accessories and is a fair bit cheaper than any of the originals. It looks absolutely amazing worn with a cropped tunic or over skin tight black jeans, teamed with plenty of similarly strong colours. Definitely not one for the faint-hearted though - this is a boot with a big personality, and we suspect that you'd have to shout load to be heard while wearing it! 

Let's not forget that boots that come as high up the leg as these beauties are also a wonderful antidote to the cold, so with winter gearing up for the worst of its snowstorms and blizzards, there's never been a better time to boot it up!