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Duo Boots has long been one of our favourite brands, with its gorgeous and stylish boots, all cut in different widths to ensure a snug, perfect fit for wearers of all shapes and sizes. The prices are usually a little outside the average person's reach, however, so we were pleased to hear that Duo has a fantastic sale on at the moment, with many boots now down to 50% off original cost. Plenty of Duo fans are already shouting from the rooftops about the reductions, which in many cases represent a £120 saving.

Our favourites from the selected sale items include the Royal Blue 'Belice' boot, pictured far left, which has a gorgeous snake-effect on the leather when seen up close. Still available in UK sizes from 2 through to 9, it comes in no less than ten width fittings - that's a huge amount of variations in total, making them fit your feet and calves like a particularly stylish glove! The price is down from £210 to £145, which considering all those tailoring options is pretty amazing - it's now on a par with many decidedly average high street boots in terms of its price.