Innovative footwear designer extraordinary Iris Van Herpen has teamed up with United Nude once again to create a new high-impact boot for 2013. The 'Voltage Haute Chaussure', pictured below, takes in the trend for bent heels and aminalistic styling and adds in a whole load of new elements of its own:

iris van herpen united nude.jpg

The boots' attention grabbing form is enhanced by the addition of pointed stiff leather strands woven into the upper that look as if they could be made from feathers. Each pair is hand-crafted for Van Herpen's Voltage line, and they are extremely short-run. It is also available in a slick black leather.

As its name suggests, the Voltage line came about through a fascination with electricity and the light that it creates. Van Herpen presented her fourth collection in Paris exploring this theme: the power of electricity and its ability to change states and bodies. Once a student of Alexander McQueen, it is easy to see the late designer's influence in Van Herpen's work.