'Curvy' model Kate Upton has landed a new role as the face of US shoe brand Sam Edelman, appearing in a series of sultry images wearing nothing but some rather alluring lingerie - and the shoes! Check out the campaign imagery below, which shows the unfathomably gorgeous Kate in a series of poses that we fear in some cases may just eclipse any interest in the footwear...

kate-upton-sam-edelman.jpgMany have expressed surprise that a model with a body as gorgeous and downright distracting as Kate's would land a role modelling shoes, but her physique was exactly what Sam Edelman wanted: she was chosen 'because she isn't stick thin' according to the man behind the campaign, David Lipton. 'She's beautiful and all-American'. 

These are certainly attributes that suit the ethos of the New York based label, available to buy online here in the UK at My-Wardrobe and Matches Fashion. Kate works it to the max in the series of images, which show her nestling in a sea of shoes, lounging on a chaise longue and straddling an open window looking out on to the night skyline.

kate upton sam upton.jpg

OK, so some viewers will be looking elsewhere, but we really think these shots show off the shoes to full effect! What do you think of the campaign?