We thought that you might need your world to be brightened up a little on this densely fog-ridden Tuesday morning, so here's something from Kurt Geiger to cut through the clouds and knock you back into full waking consciousness!

kurt geiger kactus.jpg


Kurt Geiger's 'Kactus' shoe is an update of last year's hugely popular super-heroine chic 'Esme' platform, and we're loving what we've seen of it so far! Sixties-inspired floral lace made up in acid neons in a variety of bold, colour clash combinations to make the head spin. And it that wasn't enough mind-blowing embellishment, they're also decorated with a semi-circle of studs around the toe What more could you want from your statement heels?

But to really appreciate these beauties, you've gotta see them from the back:

kurt geiger neon heels.jpgTalk about 'hot to trot'! These babies have certainly got 'back', and they aren't afraid to show it. As with all of KG's more upscale party shoes they have the distinctive tiny gold star underneath the heel as well, which just makes us love them that little bit more.