jeffrey campbell cosmic.jpg

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the boots on the left were the very same style being modelled on the right - but you'd be wrong: the Jeffrey Campbell galactic Lita boots pictured right have been copied rather closely by Boohoo, where you can buy the knock-off style pictured above left for just £20. They're available to buy now at the site. Not only is this a bit of a treat for the wallet (originals generally retail at £125 and up) - it's also the best opportunity to get this look, because the Cosmic Lita is currently sold out everywhere.

Lita boots, which turned two back in July, became known as 'fashion blogger boots' due to their popularity with the young and the hip, and they remain one of Jeffrey Campbell's biggest style phenomena to date. They are, of course, widely being aped elsewhere. If you're determined to get your hands on the original and best quality Litas, there are a multitude of colours and patterns available to buy. You can view most of the current collection over at Solestruck, with many styles available to buy in the UK at Office