When I first spotted this image, I assumed the model in the photograph had a particularly awesome Disney-inspired tattoo. Definitely a thing to admire, but not one I could hope to replicate in a hurry! On closer inspection however, the ink turns out to be a pair of trompe l'oeil tights, featuring the most stylish creature in the cartoon world: Minnie Mouse! Aren't they adorable?

minnie mouse tattoo tights.jpg

The tights, which are available from a range of online outlets including here on eBay, feature a printed Minnie design on thick but sheer hosiery and they're yours for the eyebrow raising, bargain price of $2.99 (£1.89). Even with shipping factored in, that's gotta be an incredible deal.

We think the tights look their best worn with some strongly colourful footwear (preferably some cheery yellow ones, just like Minnie's!), but they also look cute as a button with these white platform heels. The 'Minnie' being depicted is the old-school style character, which also gives them heaps of quirky vintage appeal. Would love to see these worn with a 50s style polka-dot dress...