We've long had a tempestuous relationship with Buffalo trainers here at Shoewawa, but as the 90s revival kicks in, we're doing our best to see the chunky shoes in a fresh light. Speaking as someone who remembers thinking the Spice Girls' shoes weren't all that even at the time I have to admit I've struggled - they were ugly back then and the intervening years have not been kind, I thought...

buffalo platform trainers.jpg

Moonspoon Saloon x Buffalo flatforms at Topshop >>

But as a new generation has adopted the look in a subtly different way, I've had to admit that on the right feet and with the right clothes it can work, and is not so much 90s throwback as bold statement - particularly when the design has been tweaked and given a 2013 makeover as in these latest styles, now in at Topshop. Made in collaboration with Moonspoon Saloon, the flatform kicks are walking very much in step with the current season's beat.

They look pretty awesome decorating my screen, but the question is would I actually wear them? My personal jury's still out on that one - but I'd love to know what you think. Yay or nay?