If you're loving the slightly trippy, flowered-up vibe that is starting to creep into our clothes and accessories, you'll love this re-working of one of KG Kurt Geiger's staple pieces: the studded platform high heel. Available now from Isme or Very, it's an easy way to make a strong statement for 2013:

kg kactus.pngThe slinky-heeled platform shoes combine bright tangerine patent leather accents with a fuchsia pink brocade pattern and sunny gold toned studs for an unforgettable entrance. We particularly love the bold choice of clashing tones, and the floral motif gives the shoes that very on-trend lo-fi look. There's nothing 'lo' about the heel, however, which stands at a towering 5.5 inches. 

Combinations of neon and more flowery fabrics like brocade don't always work, and the 'clash' can be a little too much for even our highly catholic footwear tastes - but Kurt Geiger have really pulled this one off. The difficulty will of course be teaming it with other items, but if you're prepared to make this sort of a style statement in the first place, the odds are you'll enjoy the experimental process!