lined wellie boots.jpg

The UK has seen its first snow of the season, and while it's all very pretty and exciting - some of us are left worrying about how we're going to get from A to B without subjecting our poor feet to the extreme cold and wetness that it a necessary evil of the wonderful white stuff. Wellies are one easy answer to keeping dry, but most are made from relatively thin rubber - so they're not always the cosy option we're after at this time of year. Ugg boots, of course, may be snuggly, but they don't stand a chance in damp conditions...

One answer we're currently liking comes from Ewe Boots, whose colourful wellington style boots are lined with thick-pile merino for a luxurious and comfy fit. Each pair has its own removable lining that not only keeps your feet super warm, but has great breathable properties too, so the air can circulate in a healthy way. In fact, they're best worn over bare feet, just like any fleece footwear. They come in a variety of lovely colours, but our fave has got to be the French grey shown in the middle - available direct from Ewe or on Amazon.

We think they look good enough to eat - but that brings us to the next important point: for those of us with a concern for the ethics of animal-derived products, there's even the guarantee that the merino sheep are only farmed for their luxury wool and are not killed for meat - so these are truly feel-good boots on a number of levels.