You know that spring/summer is just around the corner when a multitude of sandals start appearing in the stores. Gladiator-style is a look that we thought we were about to consign to the vault of forgotten fashion - but now it seems that Stuart Weitzman has other ideas...

Stuart Weitzman Gladitator sandal spring 2013

I have a special place in my heart for my beaten up old gladiator sandals which, as a student, I wore pretty much every day of summer 2010 and 2011 which have now turned an odd shade of dirty brown (they're meant to be a light chestnut tan!). I've worn them to death but they've seen better days and have the fashion appeal of a used teabag.

For some the gladiator sandal trend belongs in the past - along with my worn out pair - but enter Stuart Weitzman's new statement up-to-the-knee statement gladiator flats - as modelled by Kate Moss in the brand's recent campaign, and all of a sudden I feel my hands reaching for the nearest checkout to update my collection.

They're majestic, stunning and unique, with a real 'wow factor'. I dare you to not fall in love with these once festival season comes about and we don't all shy away from the thought of a minidress.

After far too long of hiding away in thick knits I'm determined to get my pins out this spring/summer, and these Stuart Weitzman sandals may be the ones which persuade me to FINALLY update my glads collection.

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