Or, perhaps, should we create a special new category in its honour called 'ugly shoe of the Century'? We may still be in the opening credits of this one, but I can't believe that future designers could come up with anything more challenging on the eye than this. Readers, I bring you the Ugg-Croc shoe:

ugly croc shoe.jpgBleugh! Words fail me...

This object, which I can hardly bring myself to refer to as a 'shoe', is a winter variant on the Croc - a sort of hybrid between the jellymould shoes from hell and the more innocent Ugg boot. It's what the offspring of a pink Croc and an Ugg boot would look like if the two started rutting in your wardrobe. 

The resulting item would be heinous enough if it were a simply cross between the two styles, but to make matters worse the designers have added in a 'toe glove' at the front; a detail that makes the feet look oddly vulnerable in bad weather conditions. It's as if a designer was given the brief of creating the most monstrous footwear item ever made - and we have to salute that person for doing a storming job! Quite possible (we hope) a photoshop job.