With no let-up in sight to the snowy conditions here in the UK, many of us are starting to admit that our footwear just isn't going to cut it and are rushing to invest in some more suitable snow-proof boots to preserve our precious feet! But if style is still your number one priority, you may be looking for something a little more flattering than moon boots. To that end, let's check out exhibit A: this very chic and rather cute snowflake boot from Topshop:

snowflake boots topshop.jpg

These boots are made by Valenme - a specialist winter footwear maker from Russia, where designers certainly know a thing or two about cold weather! Intricately stitched leather panels stitched on to warm felt and whilte sheepskin lend quality and an enormous amount of style to these boots, which Topshop is selling for £169, the same price offered over on the brand's own website. These boots are firmly on our hit-list for 2013 winter style, and they'd look simply amazing worn over close-fitting jeans.

If your budget is a little too tight to stretch to Valenme, another way to wear boots that flatter the feet is to opt for a wedge wellie style: these work exactly like normal wellies, but lift the legs a little higher, avoiding that clod-hopping look that many of us fear! Hunter wedge wellies are a hugely popular choice at the moment and while they don't look like much on their own, they work wonders when worn under boot-cut trousers:

hunter wellie wedges.jpg

Hunter wedge wellies are currently quite hard to find and are mostly out of stock on the high street, but there are some pairs now available to buy at Amazon in long or short styles,