wonder woman converse.png

Who doesn't love Wonder Woman? Actually, scratch that: who doesn't want to be Wonder Woman, particularly at this time of year when we're all making pledges to be all-round Better People in 2013? Quitting smoking, giving up booze, being nicer to those pesky people you have to rub shoulders with on the bus...in the scheme of things they seem small, but for us as individuals it's a chance to unleash our inner super-heroine!

There are currently several flavours of WW shoes doing the rounds, so depending on your level of love for the lady, you can pick and choose from the small but stylish selection we've spotted in stores around the UK. We particularly love the subtle star-spangled hi-tops available from Office, above: they're an altogether more grown-up and sophisticated way to unleash your inner comics geek. Ahem. But if you want to fully celebrate the Wonder:

wonderwoman converse.jpgThey're pretty awesome for dressed-down casual days - and we love the two-tone laces. Pick them up at Schuh where they are £50. See also this multi-character DC comics trainer for an even more bargainous £34.99.