A new year is all about setting challenges for many people, and this year we've seen an impressive burst of human endeavour with Cancer Research UK's Dryathlon in January, the collective money-saving drive that is Frugal February currently under way and many other valiant efforts to improve our lives while raising money for a cause. Our favourite yet, however, has got to be Febshoeary: one woman's attempt to wear heels every day for a month, while engaging in all her usual activities - including her Zumba class!

Fashion blogger Madison J Hughes, who runs the Sex, Shopping and Chocolate site, came up with the idea when she heard about the number of people worldwide who suffer serious disease and discomfort because they can't afford to buy shoes. To help these people out, she's putting herself through the relatively minor discomfort of wearing heels every day - a task that even the most hardened shoe-o-holics might well baulk at!

Admitting that she herself has a "shoe problem", Madison explains: 'I'm obsessed with styles, colours, textures, patterns - “ everything. I can't get enough.  But for millions of people worldwide, the "shoe problem" is real.  It's estimated that 300 million children don'™t have a pair of adequate shoes'. 


Madison has chosen to address the issue by raising money for Sole4Souls: a charity that has already provided shoes to over 19 million needy people worldwide. And for her efforts in Febshoeary she's asking for donations from friends, followers and the shoe-loving community. After all, we spend more than enough on filling up our own wardrobes with fancy footwear!

The challenge itself is no small task: she'll be wearing heels of at least 4.5 inches every day - and doing "every conceivable activity in them". As Madison explains, that includes: "my daily three hour commute, bike rides, Zumba classes, gym sessions, bowling, horse-riding, sledding... EVERYTHING."

Here's Madison showing us how easily it's done at her Zumba class - complete with proper heeled booties!

Donate to Febshoeary here! **

**amount is shown in dollars, but Madison is UK-based and can accept payment from UK supporters via the site. Your donation will be converted automatically.

You can also follow Madison's progress on Twitter at the @Febshoeary feed.