In footwear terms, stilettos are basically the "anti-trainer". They're about as far away from being a sports shoe as it's possible to be, and while both can be loosely termed "shoes", they share little more than the fact that both are worn on the feet. Like oil and vinegar, they never truly mix.

That is, until this interesting little combo from Be&D came along. Check it out:

stiletto trainer.jpg

The Be&D L'oeil trainer, which has a white upper with a printed stiletto silhouette on the side, looks crazy at first glance but it does create an interesting effect when worn, particularly when camouflaged against a white wall! The shoe is placed exactly where it would sit if the wearer happened to be wearing real-life high heels.

But we can't quite get over this mixing of these two shoe styles that somehow in our heads Should Never Meet. What do you think of these kicks? Would you wear 'em? NB, the printed shoe motif is also available in black or pale blue if you're not a fan of the pink. Let us know your verdict!

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